Why Study Abroad at an Australian University

Australia is a vibrant and dynamic country with friendly and energetic people. The beautiful multicultural, English-speaking country has a friendly and welcoming society where students can travel and learn freely. Australia is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred destination in terms of quality education.

Currently, the amazing land of kangaroos attracts the third largest numbers of international students from English speaking countries after the UK and the US. And for a pretty good reason: the Australian universities rank highly among universities internationally (Cube Rankings). In addition to this, the Australian Education system is recognized internationally.

Australia offers quality educational experiences and provides a very unique sort of education with a learning style which encourages students to get innovative, think independently and become more creative. Graduates from Australia universities are usually very successful when it comes to finding jobs and holding prominent positions all across the world (see graduate salaries). Additionally, graduates are readily accepted for all kinds of postgraduate studies at the leading international universities.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why study abroad in Australian (at university).

1. High Quality Education

Degrees which are obtained from the Australian universities are well recognized all across the world. The country‚Äôs higher education (university) industry is federally regulated, which means that the government of Australian evaluates all the country’s universities on a yearly basis so as to make sure that they’re maintaining the set high quality standards. This means that degrees from Australian universities look really good on anyone’s educational portfolio. In addition to this, the country has 40+ universities, and many of them are among the top 50 in the worldwide rankings. The cities of Australia are also ranked among the best student cities for quality education.

2. Recognition

Australian qualifications are well recognised by the leading institutions and employers all across the world. Moreover, most of the courses which are undertaken by the international students are covered by AQF (abbreviation for, Australian Qualification Framework). It’s a system of quality learning that’s authorised by the government of Australian.

3. Student Visa Perks

Although international students are required to get a student visa for them to enter Australia, the perks which come along with the visa, set this nation apart.

All students with a visa are eligible for job opportunities in Australia. International students are generally allowed to get work while they’re on student visas; this helps them earn some money for their daily expenses. Students can work for up to 40 hrs every 2 weeks in jobs which require basic skills, like in the food and beverage services, in grocery stores, and even in certain roles in their respective universities.

4. Multicultural Environment

Australia is a friendly, safe, harmonious and multicultural society. It is home to students from all walks of life hailing from a wide spectrum of geographical and cultural backgrounds. The ease with which you can integrate into the culture is one of the reasons why Illinois State University has multiple Australian cities among its popular study abroad destinations.

Australians greatly value the wealth of their cultural diversity and the social sophistication which international students bring in to the communities and universities. Great care is normally taken when looking after international students, and helping them easily adjust to their amazing way of life; this makes it easy for one to easily settle right in. In addition to this, Australia has a strict gun control law, and low crime rates providing a safe and secure environment.