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Levels of Government

published on: 2/28/2003

Contributing Teacher(s): Donna Engeman

Subject Area: Social Studies/Government/Civics

Grade Range: Lower Elementary (K-3), Upper Elementary (4-5)

Materials Needed:

  • Levels of Government Booklet
  • Prompt/Scoring Guide
  • Quiz
  • optional - construction paper and other materials to give to students to aide them in completing their visual display.

Objective: To introduce students to their national, state, and local government.

Process Standards:

  • Goal 1.8 organize data, information and ideas into useful forms (including charts, graphs, outlines)
  • Goal 2.1 plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences

Content Standards:

  • Social Studies 3. Principles and processes of governance systems

    Time Allowance: 10 days/2 weeks (3 days to teach lessons - 1 for each level; 1 week to allow students to complete project; 2 days to share displays)

    Description: This is a basic introduction to the three levels of government; national, state, and local government.

    Comments: Best taught grades 3-4

    Classroom Component:




  • Teacher presents daily lesson on national, state, and local government using the Levels of Government booklet provided.

    Note: Teacher will need to change text to reflect name of their local government (city where you reside).


  • After sufficiently covering the levels of government with the class, present the prompt for visual display and scoring guide.


  • Allow approximately one week to do the project. Review each day or as appropriate the material which the students will be quizzed over.


  • By the time students have completed and shared their displays with their national, state, and local government.

  • Name:________________________


    Levels of Government

    There are three levels of government: national, state and local. Each level is responsible for different functions.



    National Government


    Washington, D.C. is the place where the President and Congress work.


    The President, Senators, and Representatives are some of our national leaders.

    The national level of government does these things:


  • Prints money
  • Provides for our defense
  • Makes laws
  • Provides the Postal Service
  • The current President of the United States is:________________________________

    The current Vice President of the United States is:_____________________________

    Their office is in:______________________________________________________________


    State Government



    Jefferson City, Missouri is the place where the Governor and State Legislators (Senators and Representatives) work.



    The Governor, State Senator, and State Representatives are some of our state leaders.

    The State level of government does these things:


  • Provides state parks
  • Takes care of our highways
  • Provides the highway patrol
  • Helps provide money for education
  • Our current Governor is:________________________________

    His/her office is located in:___________________________________________________

    Our current State Senator is:______________________________

    Our current State Representative is:________________________


    Local Government


    Our city, (__________________________), is the place where the mayor, city council members, and school board members work.


    The mayor of _______________________, the city council members, and the school board members are some of our local leaders. The mayor and city council meet at City Hall. The school board members meet at Central Office for their meetings.

    The local government does these things:


  • Provides police and fire protection
  • Cares for our streets
  • Provides schools and libraries
  • Provides city parks and recreation
  • Provides for the removal of trash
  • Who is currently our mayor:_________________________________

    Name at least one city council member:_________________________________

    Name at least one school board member:________________________________

    Levels of Government Assessment


    Create a visual display (poster, mobile, etc.) depicting the three levels of government (national, state & local). Identify in your display the top office in each level and the name of the person who holds that office. Provide the name of the city and office building where this person works. Also, include at least three duties of each level of government. You may add extra details, but it will be counted against you if it is incorrect.



    Be creative! You will share these displays with your classmates. You may use any material you have or I will provide construction paper. Your display should include some color and graphic design.

    Neatness counts! Everything that you write should be able to be read clearly. Grammar and spelling will be a part of your grade.


    Levels of Government Scoring Guide

      You've Been Elected! 5 pts Second in Command 3 pts Campaign Harder 1 pt You lost 0 pts
    Levels 3 levels represented correctly 2 levels represented correctly 1 level represented correctly 0
    Top Official Position/Name 3 official's position/name given correctly 2 official's position/name given correctly 1 official's position/name given correctly 0
    Location of Office 3 locations named correctly 2 locations named correctly 1 location named correctly 0
    Duties 3 duties for each level given correctly at least 2 duties for each level given correctly at least 1 duty for each level given correctly 0
    all grammar/spelling correct 1-5 errors in grammar or spelling 5-10 errors in grammar or spelling more than 10 errors
    Grammar/Spelling items written clearly, use of some color, graphics 2 items present; items written clearly, some color, graphics at least 1 item present; items written clearly, some color, graphics no effort

    Government Quiz


    If the following is a function of the Local level of Government, write L.

    If it is the function of the State level of Government, write S.

    If it is a function of the National level of Government, write N.


    _____ Prints our money   _____ Provides for the postal system
    _____ Cares for our defense   _____ Provides for the removal of trash
    _____ Provides for state parks   _____ The President
    _____ Provides police and fire protection   _____ The Mayor
    _____ Cares for the city streets   _____ The Governor
    _____ Provides for city parks and recreation    

    Match the following locations of government office by circling the correct

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