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Buckskin: A Rich Resource

published on: 2/28/2003

Contributing Teacher(s): Emily O''Dell

Subject Area: Social Studies/Integrated

Grade Range: Upper Elementary (4-5)

Materials Needed: Performance Task Packet which includes:

  • Student prompt and scoring guide
  • A piece of buckskin. Books: The Keepsake Chest and a book on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, important Missouri events during this time period, and human, natural, and capital resources.

Process Standards:

  • Goal 2.1 plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Goal 2.2 review and revise communications to improve accuracy and clarity

Content Standards:

  • Social Studies 2. Continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the United States and the world
  • Social Studies 4. Economic concepts (including productivity and the market system) and principles (including the ...

    Time Allowance: In class introduction, additional work done at home over several days, and then in-class presentation.

    Description: Students will apply their knowledge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, important Missouri events during this time period, and human, natural, and capital resources.

    Comments: The book that I read on the Lewis and Clark Expedition has 14 chapters and I read a chapter a day.

    Classroom Component:

    Pre-Assessment Instructions


    Students will need to have had prior instruction on the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and natural, human, and capital resources. Additional prior instruction would have been given in these communication arts areas: graphic organizers, rough drafts, peer editing.


    Instruction for Administration

    While studying the Louisiana Purchase and The Lewis and Clark Expedition I read a chapter a day from the book, The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Richard L. Neuberger. The children keep a daily journal for 14 days (a day-to a chapter). We discuss various historical and economical concepts in relation to the events in the book. For the culminating activity I do the following:


    I first darken the room before the students arrive and have several candles burning. When they are seated I read a chapter from The Keepsake Chest describing how a young girl finds a wooden chest in the attic of the house her family has just moved in to. It describes the contents. I then turn on a flashlight and lo and behold we discover a wooden chest in a corner of the classroom. (I have placed old items in the chest such as old pictures, wooden blocks, old toys, pieces of quilts, etc.) Each child comes up and selects something from the chest and tells what they think it is or why it would be in the chest. After discussing how exciting it would be to find something valuable or historical we discover a second trunk. Inside this trunk are pieces of buckskin (scraps from a local glove factory). Each child chooses a piece. I then give them the story prompt and the rest as they say, "Is history."



    Students are allowed to write, or picture journal and they then use this information to create their story. Additionally, they may hand write or type or have typed their story.


    Enrichment - Have these students develop extensions to this project. One example might be to have them decide what other resource could have been found in the chest.

    At-Risk, Slow Learner - They could get additional help in the resource room with research or writing the story.

    I.E.P. - Additional help could be given on the assignment either in resource room, A+ student or peer help. Making modifications on the assignments by requiring fewer facts or fewer resources ins also a possibility.

    Foreign Language Activity - Research what nationalities were represented on the expedition and include some of their language or culture in their story.



    Student Prompt


    You and your family are at your great-grandmother's house for the week. It is another rainy day and you have nothing to do. After knocking over the vase of flowers in the living room, stepping on the cat's tail and spilling pop on the hand-braided rug you head into the kitchen where your parents are fixing the lunch meal. Your mother hands you a flashlight and tells you to go to the attic and find the card table. You climb the creaky old steps and push open the door to the attic. After much searching you see the table propped up against the wall in the corner. You grab the corner of the table and pull it towards you but a leg of it catches on something. That something is an old wooden, camelback trunk. Curiosity gets to you…


    Include the following in your story:


    One of the items that you find in the trunk is a piece of buckskin. You discover that it was a piece of???????????? used by a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Using the graphic organizer write the five facts about the Lewis and Clark Expedition that you will include in your story. Write a rough draft to be turned in ____________. As you are researching and writing be thinking of the human, capital, and natural resources that were needed on this expedition. Make a chart listing at least 5 under each category. This should be done on a page separate from your story. Using the piece of buckskin, create something that would have been used by someone on the expedition. You must either mount it on poster board, wood or have a display card telling about your find. BE CREATIVE!!!! Remember to save your graphic organizer, rough draft, peer editing sheet, resources chart, and of course your buckskin and final copy.


    Scoring Guide


    Graphic Organizer 5 Pts
    Rough Draft 5 Pts
    Peer Editing Sheet 5 Pts
    5 Facts are Included and are Correct 50 Pts
    Resource Chart 15 Pts
    Buckskin is Mounted or Displayed Attractively 10 Pts
    Finished Copy is Neatly Written or Typed 10 Pts


    Buckskin: A Rich Resource

    Graphic Organizer


    Human Resources Natural Resources Capital Resources














































    Lewis and Clark Expedition




    Graphic organizer - Lewis and Clark Expedition - List one fact in each box.


    Fact 1







    Fact 2







    Fact 3







    Fact 4







    For additional information contact :
    Emily O''Dell
    Central Elem.
    Chillicothe R-II
    (660) 646-2359

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