Saturday, May 23, 2015

What is the Great Teaching Ideas Program?

Technology IntegrationThe Great Teaching Ideas program is a free resource for Missouri Teachers providing useful lesson plans and teaching activities. Missouri teachers submit their own units and lessons to SuccessLink via an online submission form. These lessons are then reviewed by curriculum specialist. Approved lessons are posted on the SuccessLink Web site for all teachers to freely print and use with their own curriculum. Lessons are aligned to the Missouri Show Me Standards as well as the new Missouri Grade Level Expectations, content ranges from kindergarten through twelfth grade in all subjects.

The SuccessLink Web site has a database of over 2000 lessons. Two incentive programs encourage submission of lessons. These are graduate credit courses and approved Career Ladder activity. Occasionally special contests will be offered, please check back frequently.

Our graduate credit is now through e-Learning! Courses for graduate credit last for seven weeks, including an initial orientation week. Registered students must complete the online course of study "Rethinking Lesson Planning Using Backwards Design" as outlined in the course syllabus and participate in online forums as directed. Graduate credit for these courses are made available from participating universities through e-Learning for Educators/Missouri for an additional cost of $100/credit hour. Directions for how to register for e-Learning courses:

To register for the graduate credit courses go to:


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