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Tracking Truman

published on: 2/28/2003

Contributing Teacher(s): Tanya Foster, Tolan Singer

Subject Area: Social Studies/Geography

Grade Range: Upper Elementary (4-5)

Materials Needed:

  • Poster board
  • markers
  • access to media center and Internet

Process Standards:

  • Goal 1.8 organize data, information and ideas into useful forms (including charts, graphs, outlines)
  • Goal 2.1 plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences

Content Standards:

  • Social Studies 5. The major elements of geographical study and analysis (such as location, place, movement,...
  • Social Studies 7. The use of tools of social science inquiry (such as surveys, statistics, maps, documents)

    Time Allowance: 2-3 class periods

    Description: Students will practice graphing and mapping while studying the life and times of Missouri president, Harry S. Truman.--maps, graphs, presentation

    Classroom Component:

    Unit Introduction

    President Harry S. Truman was a proud and dedicated Missourian. He lived in the Kansas City area his entire life, except for the years he spent in the White House. While Truman stayed in one general area his whole life, he did have many different places he called home. These various home sites offer an opportunity to study the life of a president while learning about maps, graphs, and geographic location. While completing this unit, students will learn to read maps and create graphs. They will also examine the reasons for the moves made by Harry Truman and how those moves affected his life and career. In addition, they will also map which states Truman visited during his famous Whistlestop campaign and evaluate which of the states were the most beneficial to his surprising election to the presidency.

    Goals and Objectives

  • Students will learn about the life and times of President Harry S. Truman. They will study where he lived and when he lived there.
  • Students will examine the effects a place of residence has upon a personís life.
  • Students will practice reading maps and create their own maps with legends and labels.
  • Students will research and find information and practice recording and displaying the information in the form of a graph.
  • Students will work cooperatively in groups to complete a project.
  • Students will practice word processing skills and mapping skills. They will utilize their creative abilities to create a final poster. Communication and presentation skills will be practiced also while showcasing the final project to the class.
  • Preparation for Learning Adventure

  • Acquaint students with the process of reading and creating simple graphs of various styles such as bar, line and pie graphs.
  • Teach students to how to read maps and understand map legends.
  • Allow students some time to learn about the highlights of President Trumanís life and presidency.
  • Work with students and practice their internet searching skills.
  • Scope of Student Work

    The following schedule is a suggested time frame for the activities involved in this unit. More time may be needed for certain segments of the unit such as researching and gathering information, working to complete maps and graphs, and presenting the final project to the class.

    Day 1 - Discuss the impact of a personís residence upon their lives. Share examples of both noteworthy and common individuals. Discuss individuals and groups of people are affected by their surroundings. Day 2 & 3 Ė Explain the basics of the project the students will be completing. Allow time to explore books and internet sites to learn about Trumanís life and times. Students should complete their data sheets.

    Day 4 - Discuss data sheets and check students for accuracy. Allow input for ideas about how Trumanís life was affected by his moves throughout his life. Day 5 - Help students to view the Whistlestop campaign map. (The web address for this site is listed in the resource section of this unit.) Also help students to pinpoint Trumanís places of residence on the map of Missouri and United States. Day 6 - Place students into cooperative learning groups of about four members each. Go over the requirements for the final group project. Allow students time to organize their group. Day 7 - Give students time to work on their graphs of Trumanís residences and number of years he lived in each one. Students should also work on posters of the U.S. mapping out places Truman visited and lived. Day 8-9 - Continue working on the map and graph. Day 10 - Students present their posters and graphs to the class.

    Resources and Technology Used

    The following sites will be helpful in gaining information on the life of President Truman and the places he lived and visited. They also offer a chance to read about and review different types of graphs.

    The following books would be helpful to the students while they are researching the life of President Truman. They could also spend some time looking at sample graphs before creating their own.

    Ferrell, Robert H., editor. The Autobiography of Harry S. Truman Truman, Harry S., Memoirs To the Best of My Ability (A video available from KCPT Channel 19 that highlights Truman''s life and times.)

    Assessment and Reflection

    The following pages include student worksheets, handouts explaining project requirements, and scoring guides for the two major components of the project.

    Student Worksheet

    Where and When Truman Lived

    Study the web sites youíve been given and books about President Truman. Fill in the worksheet below to obtain your data to create the graph you will make about Trumanís life.

    Where he lived How long he lived there Why he lived there What life was like there

    Student Worksheet

    Project Requirements

    For your final project you will work with your group to complete two items. You will make a graph, any type you choose, to illustrate the different places Truman lived in his life. You will also make a map to show the locations he lived and visited. You will also be presenting the items to the class. Be sure you follow the presentation guidelines.

    For additional information contact :
    Tanya Foster
    Platte City Middle
    Platte Co. R-III
    (816) 858-2036

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