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Lewis and Clark Native American Journey

published on: 2/13/2005

Contributing Teacher(s): Nona Miller

Subject Area: Social Studies/U.S. History

Grade Range: Middle Grades (6-8), High School (9-12)

Materials Needed: Handouts/Internet Addresses Computer Microsoft PowerPoint

Objective: Students will research Native American tribes that Lewis & Clark encountered on their journey and compose a PowerPoint presentation to present to their class.

Process Standards:

  • Goal 1.2 conduct research to answer questions and evaluate information and ideas
  • Goal 2.1 plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences

Content Standards:

  • Social Studies 2. Continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the United States and the world
  • Social Studies 6. Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions

    Time Allowance: five 45-minute classes

    Description: Students compose a PowerPoint presentation on the Native American tribes.

    Classroom Component:

    Click here to see the video clip of this lesson.

    This video clip is presented by a 5th grade classroom teacher and the library media specialist at the Owensville 3-5 Center who adapted this high school lesson for 5th grade. The video clip presentation and the questions and scoring guide, which are marked below for 5th grade, are shared by Peggy Schaffer and Pam Idle (featured in the video).

    Name ____________________________

    Pre-Test and Post-Test
    Lewis and Clark Native American Journey

    1. What best describes a PowerPoint presentation?

      1. Flashcards
      2. Slide Show
      3. Cards Game

    2. What is footer in PowerPoint?

      1. Footprints
      2. Place Holder
      3. Name at bottom of slide

    3. What is an Animation in PowerPoint?

      1. Sound
      2. Motion
      3. All of the above

    4. What is Lewis's full name?

    5. What is Clark's full name?

    6. What was the reason for Lewis & Clark's journey?

    7. Name one tribe they meet on their journey?

    8. Name one state Lewis & Clark traveled through on their journey?

    9. What year did their journey begin and end?

    10. What do you already know about Lewis & Clark's journey?

    Pre/Post Test Answers
    Lewis and Clark Native American Journey

    1. B

    2. B

    3. C

    4. Meriwether Lewis

    5. William Clark

    6. Peaceful cooperation with the Indians, generated interest in the fur trade, produced important maps, or providing the first scientific descriptions of many new species of animals.

    7. One of any of these: Arikaras, Assiniboins, Blackfeet, Chinooks, Clatsops, Hidatsas, Mandans, Missouris, Nez Perces, Otos, Shoshones, Teton Sioux, Tillamooks, Walla Wallas, Wishrams, and Yankton Sioux.

    8. One of the following: IA,ID,IL,KS, MO,MT,ND,NE,OR,SD,WA

    9. 1804-1906

    10. Their own comments are expected here.

    Steps to Implement:

    Students will be given a handout with a list of Native American tribes. They will then go to the Internet link provided in the handout to begin their search. Students will locate their tribe and begin choosing the information that will be placed in the PowerPoint presentation. This information should be presented in a logical format and contain good educational content. After completing this step, students will search for other Internet links that provide additional information about their tribe. Students will give an oral presentation to their class about their tribe and its involvement with Lewis & Clark.

    Lewis & Clark
    Native American Journey

    Each student will create a PowerPoint presentation about a Native American Indian tribe encountered along Lewis & Clark's Journey.
    1. Pick a tribe: Arikaras, Assiniboins, Blackfeet, Chinooks, Clatsops, Hidatsas, Mandans, Missouris, Nez Perces, Otos, Shoshones, Teton Sioux, Tillamooks, Walla Wallas, Wishrams, and Yankton Sioux.

    2. Go to the following Web site and research your tribe:
      Print page from the Internet to turn in as your source sheet.

    3. Create a PowerPoint presentation to present your tribe information which includes the following information:
      • Title slide
      • Choose a theme
      • Three graphics
      • Use a chart or table
      • 3-5 Internet links
      • Table of Contents
      • 10 slides
      • One bulleted list
      • Use a footer
      • Animation & transitions
    4. The information included should be of good educational content. Each presentation should include the location of the tribe, time period, trading habits, living arrangements, photos, etc.

    5. Print as a handout with 6 slides per page and turn into instructor.

    Lewis & Clark Resources

    Missouri Geographic Alliance

    National Geographic

    Missouri Department of Conservation

    Missouri Department of Natural Resources—The Lewis & Clark Expedition

    Missouri Bicentennial Commission

    Gateway Arch

    Missouri Historical Society
    St. Louis in American History-Unit 2

    The Friends of the Missouri State Archives

    Historic Hermann
    Additional Links:

    Lewis & Clark Quiz

    Missouri State Parks

    Sacagawea's Journey

    Lewis & Clark

    Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

    For additional information contact :
    Nona Miller
    Owensville High
    Gasconade Co. R-II
    (573) 437-2174

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