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Lewis and Clark Group Presentation

published on: 6/13/2003

Contributing Teacher(s): Joan Hellebusch

Subject Area: Social Studies/Lewis and Clark

Grade Range: Middle Grades (6-8), High School (9-12)

Materials Needed:

  • Map of Missouri including counties
  • Research material (i.e., Internet, encyclopedia, books)Web sites:
  • Objective: The students will learn how Lewis and Clark traveled through Missouri. The students will learn how their exploration changed Missouri. The students will experience working cooperatively.

    Instructional Strategy: Cooperative Learning

    Process Standards:

    • Goal 1.2 conduct research to answer questions and evaluate information and ideas
    • Goal 4.5 develop, monitor and revise plans of action to meet deadlines and accomplish goals

    Content Standards:

    • Communication Arts 6. Participating in formal and informal presentations and discussions of issues and ideas
    • Social Studies 5. The major elements of geographical study and analysis (such as location, place, movement,...


      Time Allowance: 5 class periods

      Description: Student presentation of research about Lewis and Clark''s exploration through Missouri--Corps of Discovery, cooperative groups

      Comments: Best Taught High School Special Education

      Classroom Component: Procedures:

      1. Introduce Lewis and Clark to students, explaining how they traveled through Missouri and for what purposes.
      2. Students should be divided into groups of 2 or 3. They can pick their own group or be placed by the teacher's choice. The teacher becomes "the guide on the side" to help the students complete the project. Since it is a cooperative learning group, the students make the decisions. They should ask each other questions to help in the learning.
      3. Groups will research how Lewis & Clark traveled through Missouri and where they stopped along the way. They can use the above Web sites, books, or find other appropriate research material from the school library.
      4. Research to answer the following questions:
        1. How has the Missouri River changed since Lewis & Clark's exploration?
        2. Explain how the changes affect the river in shipping, travel, and recreation.
        3. How have the changes affected Missouri economy, life styles, or communities?
      5. Each group is to make a presentation of their research findings. An example may be to show before and after pictures of the Missouri River, while presenting to the classmates how Lewis and Clark's exploration changed Missouri. The group decides on their presentation style. Presentation can be a PowerPoint presentation, character reenactment, or other visual aids. In the presentation the group must complete the requirements listed in the assessment sheet for full credit. Each section of the requirements has a point value. All members must be an active part of the presentation.
      6. The students and teacher use the assessment/rubric to determine the grades. The teacher may observe each presentation and write comments before recording points per group. The teacher may also include a Peer Rating Scale to the group's grade. The Peer Rating Scale would ask questions like the following: Did I understand the presentation? Did I learn something from their presentation? Was it evident that the entire group was part of the presentation?

      Lewis and Clark Project Assessment:

      Use the following rubric to assess each group or individual.
      ______/5 points Neatness (Did I do my neatest work?)
      ______/10 points Organization (Can I follow the presentation?)
      ______/10 points Participation (Did I participate in the project completely?)
      ______/10 points River Change (Did I explain how the river changed?)
      ______/10 points Missouri Economy (How has it changed?)
      ______/10 points Missouri River Communities (Are they developed?)
      ______/10 points Tourism Along the River Communities (Does it exist?)
      ______/10 points Shipping (How has shipping changed?)
      ______/5 points Correctly labeled counties of Missouri (Where the Missouri River travels?)
      ______/10 points River Recreation (What types of recreations exist?)
      ______/10 points Presentation (Did I present?)
      ______/20 points Question
      It can be difficult working with a group. Explain how you feel each member participated in the project. In addition, state what you feel was your involvement to the group.

      _______120 Points Possible

      A        108 - 120 points The student(s) did at least the minimum required AND went beyond with the extra work being evident on the research section. The presentation was organized, neat, and easy to understand. The student(s) actively participated in the project and remained on task.
      B        96 - 107 points The student(s) did all that was required. The group completed minimum research that was easy to understand and organized. The presentation was also easy to understand and neat. The student(s) participated in the project.
      C        84 - 95 points The student(s) left out a couple of the main requirements for the research or presentation. Not all work was included; therefore information was not accurate. The student(s) did not remain on task to complete the project.
      D        72 - 83 points The student(s) left out several requirements and/or incorrectly completed work, strong research in some areas, and lacking in many others. The student(s) did not remain on task to complete the project.
      F        71 points and less Student(s) incorrectly completed work or did not complete the work. The student(s) did not fully participate in the project.


      Teacher Note:

      This lesson is designed for cooperative learning in a group setting. The students lead the group and complete the research for a class presentation. The students become the teacher.

      For additional information contact :
      Joan Hellebusch
      Owensville High
      Gasconade Co. R-II
      (573) 437-2174

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