Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Instructional Audits/MSIP Pre-View

An Instructional Audit is the onsite process of examining the “workings” of a school to determine the school’s strengths and concerns that can affect student achievement. Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Environment, and Leadership are assessed. An Instructional Audit is recommended when test scores are minimally increasing, remaining flat, or decreasing. Along with identifying strengths and concerns, the audit report will include recommendations for addressing the identified concerns. ... more

SuccessLink Curriculum Initiatives


Champion Teaching

Champion Teaching: A Team Study of Researched Techniques and Practices to Increase Quality Instruction and Rigor in the Classroom. ... more

SuccessLink Technology Initiatives

Students utilize technology to complete an assignment.

Interactive Whiteboards

Wondering which interactive whiteboard and student response systems will best fit your students'' needs? Faced with a purchasing decision in the near future or just want more knowledge about different platforms? If so, then this demonstration is for you! ... more

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